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Founder and creator Emily Curtis has worked for the last 7 years in various fields of craft as well as meditation. They seem to coincide with one another and have evolved with her.

Here she talks about her work...

"The Essence of Sume is elemental.  All of us are in constant motion. We have to take time and space to balance ourselves. Through our energy & intention we can balance and harmonize our bodies. My work aims to be an aid in this.

All my materials are ethical and sustainable, handmade or re-purposed. They consist of found objects & ancient beads or stones that contain specific energies. I had the great privilege to work with ancient peoples in South East Asia, it taught me a great deal about fiber, metals & how these connect our bodies to our spirits. These were primarily Matrilineal cultures rooted in female empowerment. Female energy is incredibly important for healing, balance & grounding in a society driven by the masculine. I wish to take these teachings & create work for our modern life which is in desperate need of harmony. I am also curating vintage goods that have these same qualities & will be adding some brands I feel represent this Ethos."

Should you have any questions about pieces or wish to have a custom design please get in touch~my favorite work is when I can take into account the personal aspects of someone's life~

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