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This extraordianary hand woven hemp circle scarf was hand dyed in a traditional H'mong Indigo vat in the Mountains of Vietnam. It was dyed using a shibori technique of binding the fiber before dying. I created this piece while volunteering, learning and creating with a unique and beautiful H'mong community. The H'mong are a tribal community who live in the North of Vietnam & Thailand, they have a rich cultural heritage with no written language, they pass on history through an oral tradition and through textiles/handicrafts. However, this art has been slowing dying as they must survive in modern conditions. The proceeds of this piece will go to this H'mong community to support their art and way of life. I hope you will join me in supporting them-get in touch directly if you would like to donate the cause.

Shibori Indigo Deep Waters Palette Circle Scarf

$145.00 Regular Price
$116.00Sale Price
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